On My Way Out IV
(Orchises Press, 2023)

The fourth volume of Richard Hawley's ON MY OUT PROJECT continues a consideration of the wonders and surprises of later life. As Hawley passes into his 75th year, he confronts, in addition to physical changes and corresponding changes in outlook, two era-shaping historical exigencies: the emergence of Trump and an unresolved global pandemic. Through considerable darkness emerges unexpected light.

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Remembering Tony JarvisRemembering Tony Jarvis:
Portrait of a Headmaster
(Short Story America Press, 2021)

A remembrance of The Rev. F. Washington Jarvis, iconic headmaster of Boston's Roxbury Latin School, the oldest American school in continuous existence, founded in 1645 by the Puritan divine John Eliot, Apostle to the Indians. Jarvis, like the school, is a striking anomaly in the context of contemporary education. His extraordinary achievement in creating a scholastically distinguished school in which "every boy is known and loved" is observed closely from the standpoint of the author's fifty year friendship.

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On My Way Out III
(Orchises Press, 2021)

The third volume of this exploration of the challenges and wonders of later life confronts, in addition to stunning immediacies, the darkly altered political and cultural climate ushered in with the Trump Presidency.

Poet Sue Ellen Thompson writes, "This is a life fully examined.".

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On My Way Out II
(Orchises Press, 2020)

A second volume exploring the challenges and discoveries of later life: How "the quotidian becomes urgent and real" (Hilma Wolitzer).

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On My Way Out
(Orchises Press, 2019)

The first volume of a sustained meditation on the passage into late life, including its surprises and exquisite finalities.


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(Formite Press, 2016)

An essay-length consideration of the personal, cultural, and political
consequences of losing a common understanding of what constitutes
truth, fact, and evidence.

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Masculinity: Stalled Males and the Emergence of Donald Trump
(Formite Press, 2017)

This essay reviews the decline of male fortunes and prospects over the
past half century and how the diminished masculine condition found
expression in the emergence of Donald Trump's candidacy and

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The Three Lives of Jonathan Force
(Formite Press, 2016)

This panoramic novel takes its title character from first sense impression to his last breath. In the course of a long lifetime, Jonathan Force is chafed out of his boyhood spiritual connectedness to place and kindred souls to become a disciplined intellect--in time an internationally revered social pundit who is able both to illuminate and predict dominant social developments. His books --Force Fields, The Uses of Force-- become so influential the public comes to think as much with his ideas as about them. In late mid-life he experiences a revelation that will cause him to abandon his famous pundit persona altogether. He flees to anonymity and great personal satisfaction as a kind of hermit in Key West, refinding the connection to the ultimate he had lost as a boy, while transcending material reality altogether.

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David Abrams
Large Hearted Boy
The Addison Independent
Seven Days VT

An in-depth radio interview with the author, conducted by the delightful Shelagh Shapiro, moderator of Write The Book.

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Greeves Passing

(Short Story America Press, 2015)

Subtitled "a novel in fugue," Greeves Passing interweaves the voices of headmaster John Greeve, his wife Margaret, and their estranged son Brian as each struggles in mind and heart to come to terms with what their embattled lives have meant. Told together, their stories bring to a wrenching conclusion Hawley's Headmaster's Papers, published to critical acclaim three decades ago.

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The Source of Longing
(Icarus House Books, 2014)

When married people fall in love with others, trouble--guilt, shame, family wreckage--inevitably follows, but so sometimes is the exploration of new psychic territory an occasion to awaken to the full possibilities of life. This novel suggests that with courage, humility and a measure of grace, even forbidden love can find a way.

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Forward and No Retreat
A History of the Linsly School,

(Linsly School Press, 2014)

Now entering its third century of continuous operation, The Linsly School is the oldest learning institution of any kind in West Virginia, founded before West Virginia was a state. This bicentennial history charts the school's course through protean changes as it adapted to and recovered from plague, flooding, ruinous economic hardship and unsettling cultural developments - very much in the spirit of its founder who left in his will a charge for the nascent school to move ever "forward and no retreat."

I Can Learn From You:
Boys as Relational Learners

(Harvard Education Press, 2014,
with Michael Reichert)

Prescriptions for teaching practice derived from the authors' international study of the kinds of teacher-student relationships that enable boys, including resistant boys, to thrive in school.

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Souls in Boxes:
A Reconsideration of Real Life

(Green Frigate Books, 2014)

An extended reflection on the nature of human soulfulness: how soulfulness, properly understood, informs our desire for romantic and erotic fulfillment, our need for sustaining friendship, our place in organizational life, and our inevitable experiences of failure and loss.

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For Whom the Boy Toils:
The Primacy of Relationship
in Boys' Learning

(International Boys' Schools Coalition, 2013, with Michael Reichert)

A discussion of how productive teacher-student relationships are established with boys, based on findings from the authors' international study of relational accounts from boys and teachers in The US, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Other World
(Short Story Press, 2013)

A cycle of short stories in which a boy's sense of deep spiritual connectedness to a prior reality is experienced—and imperiled—as he grows from early infancy to young manhood.

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Kiski: The Story of a Boy's School
(Saltsburg, 2012)

An account of a remarkably spirited and very independent school for boys in the rural hills of western Pennsylvania. Kiski's story illustrates the themes and practices that have advanced all-boys schooling at its best. The story also includes the careers of several of the most distinctive headmasters in the nation's history.

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The Guru
(Icarus Books, 2011)

An isolated, semi-orphaned midwestern boy grows up believing he is a God-man in the eastern Yogic tradition. Is his condition the result of excruciating wounds over the course of his childhood, or is this this an authentic spiritual transformation--the real thing?

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Reaching Boys/Teaching Boys
Strategies That Work and Why
(Wiley/Jossey Bass, 2010)

Co-authored with Michael Reichert, Ph.D.

An analysis, featuring hundreds of examples, of teaching practices, including complete lessons, proven to work with boys. The data was collected from schools worldwide, and the findings include comments from the boys themselves as to what and why they found specific teaching and teachers effective. Michael Thompson, psychologist and leading writer on the plight of contemporary boys (Raising Cain) commented that Reaching Boys/Teaching Boys "is the best, most practical book about teaching boys that I have ever read."

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Teaching Boys
A Global Study of Effective Practices
(International Boys' School Coalition, 2009)

Co-authored with Michael Reichert, Ph.D.

The findings and analysis of what teachers of boys and boys themselves reported as their most effective lessons in the course of their schooling. Faculties and boys from eighteen schools from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand participated in this study. The extent and substance of what teachers report here combine to cast important new light on what many see as an educational crisis in educating contemporary boys.

Twenty-One Visits to a Darkly
Sun-Tanned Angel

(Dog Ear Press, 2009)

A connected cycle of poems exploring an extended encounter with an actual angel, in the course of which the angelic condition, human mortality, the nature of sex, and questions of ultimate meaning are explored in both playful and intensely serious ways.

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Beyond the Icarus Factor
Releasing the Free Spirit of Boys
(Park Street Press, 2008)

An extended reflection on the perilous condition of contemporary boys, including the considered opinion that today's boys are pressed by a number of cultural factors into a spirit-crippling "imposture" which deadens their experience as it diminishes their potential contributions to the world.

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Icarus in our Midst:
A Reflection on Boys at Risk

(University School Press, 2004)

A consideration of how contemporary nurturing and schooling unintentionally lead boys to sacrifice their deepest inclinations, resulting in personal unhappiness and social trouble. Monograph.

Paul and Juliana
(Bancroft Press, 2003)

A short novel charting the course of a consuming love affair between two contemporary high school students who seek guidance and friendship from an eccentric school psychologist.

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The Headmaster's Poems
(Eriksson, 2002)

A selection of Richard Hawley's poems from 1970 through 2000.

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Hard Lessons
and Other Talks to the School

(University School Press, 2002)

A collection of the headmaster's talks to the assembled school on topical and ethical issues.

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The Headmaster's Wife
(Eriksson, 2000)

A novel recounting the last six months of the life of Margaret Greeve, whose cancer diagnosis stimulates her to probe deeply into the meaning of her contribution to the world.

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Papers from the Headmaster
(Paul S. Erikkson, 1996)

Subtitled "Reflections on a World Fit for Children," this collection of essays discusses topical social issues—political correctness, drugs, commercial excesses, and other aspects of popular culture—as they bear on schooling and children.

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The Romance of Boys Schools
(University School Press, 1994)

A consideration of the historical impact of all-boys schools and their place in contemporary culture. Monograph.

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Hail University!
A Century of University School life
(University School Press, 1990)

The centennial history of Cleveland's University School, an independent school for boys founded by Newton Anderson in 1890.

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In Praise of the Teaching Life
(University School Press, 1998)

Three extended essays on teaching, including considerations of failure, endurance, and the comic dimension of scholastic life.

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The Big Issues
In The Adolescent Journey
(Walker, 1988)

A consideration of the central challenges facing adolescents, including sexuality, friendship, achievement, mortality, and finding meaning.

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St. Julian
(Bits Press, 1987)

An operetta libretto recounting the life of the medieval saint Julian the Hospitaler, with a general introduction and stage notes.

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Seeing Things: A Chronicle of Surprises
(Walker, 1987)

A spiritual memoir of growing up in the Midwest.

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Building Drug Free Schools
(with Robert Peterson and Margaret Mason)
(The American Council for Drug Education, 1986)

A review of research bearing on the effects of illegal drugs on learning and behavior, with suggestions for how schools might be better structured to help students to avoid harmful substances.

The Headmaster's Papers
(Paul Eriksson, Bantam, 1984)

A novel about a harrowing year in the life of a boarding school headmaster beset by a series of professional and personal challenges.

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The Purposes of Pleasure
(Independent School Press, 1983)

An inquiry into the role of pleasurable reward in the shaping of human behavior, with specific focus on the effects of psychoactive drugs on learning and development.

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A School Answers Back:
Responding to Student Drug Use

(The American Council on Drug Education, 1983)

This book draws on a wide variety of contemporary findings on the effects of drugs on adolescent development to chart a course for early recognition and prevention of harmful drug involvement school-wide.

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With Love to My Survivors
(Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1982)

A selection of topical and lyrical poems. Monograph.

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Coming Through School
(Independent School Press/Wiley, 1982)

An anthology of coming of age stories set in 19th and 20th century schools. Sequenced chronologically, these excerpts from notable school fiction begin with chapters from TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS and JANE EYRE and continue through the likes of TEA AND SYMPATHY and SEPARATE PEACE. Richard Hawley introduces the collection with an extended introductory essay, and shorter commentaries precede each selection.

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Aspects of Vision
(Robert Moore, 1976)

A selection of lyric poems. Monograph.