Blues, Rags, & Others

Blues, Rags, and Others

Blues, Rags & Others is an eclectic mix of traditional blues, vintage ragtime tunes, vaudeville vamps, and standard covers. The acoustic guitar stylings and vocals are all by Rick Hawley. The album was recorded in Ripton, Vermont.

1. Wagon Wheel
2. Dr. Jazz
3. Good Old Wagon
4. I've Just Seen A Face
5. Your Song
6. Hesitation Blues
7. The Dutchman
8. St. Louis Tickle
9. Kansas City Blues
10. Mobile and Chelsea Line
11. East St. Louis Blues
12. Goin' Down Slow
13. Is There Anything Wrong In That?
14. Is You Is (Or Is You Ain't My Baby)
15. Sister Kate
16. When She Wants Good Lovin'
17. Deep River Blues
18. I Got Rhythm
19. Ain't Misbehavin'
20. My Blue Heaven
21. Take It Slow and Easy

Produced by Andrew Kramer and Sam Margolis

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